Primity Technology and Capabilities

Single Cell Analysis

Fundamental to Primity's assay platforms is the concept of "single cell analysis", whereby each cell in a sample is measured and analyzed. This reveals the true distribution of cellular phenotypes, and is not susceptible to the outliers or heterogeneous populations that plague typical "total well" assay formats.

High Parameter Flow Cytometry

Measure 10+ readouts/markers per cell. Analyze 5,000 cells per second. Obtain sensitivity down to ~50 molecules per cell. Not many platforms can compete with flow cytometry when it comes to single cell analysis. Traditionally used by immunologists, we are pioneers in using cytometry for drug discovery and multiplexed analysis of compound activity.

Primary Cells and Whole Blood

A core competency at Primity is analysis of primary blood samples, whether they are isolated PBMCs, or whole blood. We have extensive experience in processing blood samples optimally for various surface and intracellular targets, from activation markers to phospho-proteins and cytokines. We understand what it takes to make an assay robust enough for clinical application, and can perform stability and precision validation for your exploratory clinical trial endpoints.

Advanced Automation

One of the challenges with flow cytometry is that protocols often require washing cells multiple times and adding several different buffers and reagents. At Primity, we have built a state-of-the-art automation system capable of performing even the most complex cell protocols, including phospho-specific flow cytometry. This lets us run miniaturized 384 well plate assays that leads to lower reagent usage, more robust data, and a unique ability to run ~2,000 compound wells per day to generate over 100,000 data points using our CellCode multiplexing technology.

Data Analysis

Acquiring 10,000 data points is nice, but if you don't know what to do with it, it can be challenging. At Primity, we employ advanced visualizations to interpret data, harnessing the combined power of Cytobank flow cytometry software and Spotfire analytics software. Using these tools, we can rapidly move from millions of cellular events to actionable visualizations of compound activity across 100's of readouts.


  • If it is fluorescent, we can measure it!
  • Two 4-laser BD LSRII flow cytometers with HTS sampling units and >15 parameter measurement capability per instrument.
  • Two 5-laser BD LSRII and Fortessa cytometers (UV capable) and >15 parameters.
  • One 6-laser LSRII with 19 fluorescence channels.
  • Fluidigm CyTOF Helios Mass Cytometer. Capable of 40-50 parameters per cell using isotopic mass labels instead of fluorophores
  • BD Aria II cell sorter for primary cell sorting and cell line assay development and cloning.
  • Agilent VWorks-based automation platform that includes liquid handlers, bulk dispensers, aspirators, centrifuges, and shakers, all integrated with a robotic arm for full walk-away automation.
  • EDC ATS Acoustic Dispenser for nanoliter-scale compound addition and serial dilutions.
  • And all the standard equipment too!