By combining the industry's largest panel of cell surface antibodies with high level multi-parameter staining panels, a new ability is created that can define novel cell types, gain unprecedented insight into cellular differentiation, and identify potential disease biomarkers.

  • Analyze over 400 cell surface proteins
    • Growth factor, cytokine, and chemokine receptors
    • Adhesion and cell-cell interaction molecules
    • Antigen presentation and processing
    • Stem cell markers
    • Cancer markers
    • T cell, B cell, NK cell activation
    • Toll-like receptors
  • Analyze cell lines, primary cells, blood samples
  • Discover new biomarkers
  • Automated sample processing for maximum reproducibility

Find out what your cells are expressing!

Enabling Biomarker Discovery

Take A Deeper Look at the Surface. By evaluating expression levels of ~400 cell surface proteins, the Surface Profiling platform creates a high resolution map of the cell surface for each cell population of interest (e.g. B cells, T cells, monocytes, cancer cells). Compare surface profiles across cell types or between samples to identify biomarkers of cell differentiation, disease progression, or therapeutic response. Identify new biomarkers to monitor drug activity or stratify clinical patients directly in whole blood.

Deep, Reproducible Data

Quantitative, Single Cell Analysis. Primity’s technology platforms take advantage of proprietary sample processing techniques that are designed to increase sample handling reproducibility, accelerate data acquisition, and optimize cell recovery. Miniaturization and automation of sample processing and staining enable the delivery of high-content data in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional systems. Single cell resolution provides superior insight into each cell surface readout by enabling measurement of per-cell expression levels as well as the proportion of cells in each cell subset expressing each protein.

Beyond Immunophenotyping

Go deeper into the surface. By analyzing hundreds of receptors, adhesion molecules, and other functional proteins, the Surface Profiling platform provides deeper insight into cell lineage, differentiation and activation states, responsiveness to external stimuli, and more. Readouts include proteins involved in immunity, cancer, and stem cell biology.

Technology Access

Sample Types

  • Suspension or adherent cell lines
  • PBMC, whole blood, bone marrow
  • Clinical samples (e.g., cancer cells)
  • Stem cells
  • In vitro expanded primary cells

Sample Preparation

  • Primity can provide cells or samples can be shipped live, frozen, or fixed
  • Full surface profile from as few as 1 million cells
  • Primity can perform cell treatments (e.g., in vitro activation, compound dose-response)

“Backbone” Panels

  • Provide resolution of cell populations within heterogeneous samples
  • Standard panels for T/B/NK/Mono, T cell subsets, and B cell subsets
  • Custom panel design available to identify cells of interest