Profile more than 100 intracellular readouts at the single cell level after treatment with small molecules, antibody therapeutics, or extracellular ligands. Create a map of drug activity across cellular signaling networks, measuring phosphorylation, acetylation, and total protein levels.

  • Single cell analysis: obtain data from all cell populations of interest
  • Phosphorylation, acetylation, and methylation across a diverse range of signaling pathways
  • Gain new insight into on- and off-target compound activities
  • Benchmark competitor and tool compounds for efficacy and side effects
  • Measure basal signaling profiles in cancer cells and healthy samples
  • Flexible formats: cell lines, primary cells, and patient samples can be evaluated

Create a high resolution map of cellular responses, disease states, and compound activity.

Designed for Drug Discovery

Proteomics Meet Dose Response..Primity’s technology platforms are empowered by proprietary sample processing techniques that are designed to dramatically reduce sample variability and speed data acquisition. By miniaturizing the reaction volumes and automating the sample processing, high-content data can be delivered in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional systems. This allows variables to be explored and dose responses to be compared quantitatively and reproducibly.

Single Cell Analysis

Measure Responses at the Source.The Pathway Phenotyping platform combined with traditional surface marker staining measures all readouts in each cell population at the single cell level. This unique capability allows different populations to be compared and heterogeneous responses to be identified across a wide range of readouts.

Full Panel and Focused Screening

Full Panel Profiling.The Pathway Phenotyping platform is designed to provide comprehensive data across a wide range of stimulations. The full panel is available for applications that require a broad survey of signaling molecules to provide the most complete analysis possible, such as phenotypic screening deconvolution, off-target screening, pathway profiling, and compound synergy studies.

Focused Panel Screening.Custom panels can be created that fully characterize the responding populations with a select set of readouts. These custom panels can be designed from readouts we have characterized or incorporate targets of interest that are not yet on our readout list. This makes for a completely customizable solution ideal for routine profiling, clinical studies, and medicinal chemistry programs.

Technology Access

Sample Types

  • Primary cells - PBMC, whole blood
  • Adherent or suspension cell lines
  • Patient and tumor samples
  • Small molecule compounds
  • Synthetic proteins/peptides
  • Antibody therapeutics

Panels Offered

Full Panel Profiling
  • 100+ readouts
  • Ideal for pathway mapping
  • Cell model comparison
  • Disease samples
  • Phenotypic screening


Focused Profiling
  • From 2 to 48 readouts
  • Ideal for screening
  • SAR programs
  • Inhibitor studies
  • Cost effective for routine use