Primity's Primary Cell and Clinical Sample Assays provide readouts of compound activity against the diverse range of cells present in primary human or animal blood. Skip PBMC isolation and measure cellular readouts directly in whole blood to understand the effects of serum, enzymes, and bystander cell types on compound activity. Obtain pharmacodynamic data by following key protein markers before and after treatment of patients with drugs.

  • Customized complex immunophenotyping panels of 10+ colors
  • Add intracellular phospho-proteins: e.g. Akt, ERK, Btk, NFkB
  • Add cell cycle and apoptosis markers: e.g. DNA, PARP, Caspase, Ki-67, Histone H3
  • Process whole blood or PBMCs
  • Cancer samples: leukemia, lymphoma
  • Autoimmunity, transplantation
  • Cell separation by magnetic isolation or FACS sorting

Find out how your compounds function in vivo .

Functional Target Analysis

Target Pharmacodynamics. Primity’s deep domain expertise in intracellular analysis of of signaling proteins allows target function to be measured directly in whole blood. This approach assesses the function of the target protein directly in diseased cells instead of measuring downstream biological events in other cells or in serum. By getting directly to the source, potentially confounding conditions acting downstream of the target are eliminated and drug activity can be accurately assessed.

Surface + Intracellular

Single Cell Knowledge. Diseases such as cancer are not homogeneous between patients. Take advantage of the combination of cell surface and intracellular markers to more clearly identify and follow the effects of therapeutics. Identify patients with unique cell subsets within their cancer that display correlations of surface marker expression and intracellular proteins. Stratify patients based on phospho-proteins or cell cycle readouts.

Whole Blood

Minimize Processing for Maximum Data. At Primity, we strive to develop functional assays that work directly in whole blood samples. This minimizes potential artifacts due to variance in Ficoll preparation of PBMCs and due to “wash out” of drug during cell isolation. By assaying whole blood directly, the concentration of drug on board is maintained, and more accurate measurements of drug activity are made.

Primity Advantages for Clinical Analysis

  • We specialize in high parameter and complex single cell analysis, such as phospho-protein analysis and 10+ color immunophenotyping
  • We tailor assays to sponsors’ needs: required cell numbers, custom staining panels, and optimized statistical analysis instead of stock offerings
  • Ability to profile 400 surface markers and 100 intracellular signaling proteins
  • Small volume of blood required for each assay: maximize each draw tube by running multiple assays or processing steps

Assay Validation

  • We work with sponsors to create assay validation protocols
  • Leverage our expertise in quantitative analysis and method development to facilitate validation of complex, cell-based assays
  • Create validation protocols for Accuracy, Precision, and Stability

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