About Primity Bio

The Company

Primity Bio is a privately held corporation founded in 2010 by Stanford University PhDs. Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, in Fremont, CA, innovation is part of our daily routine.

Primity Bio was founded on the simple premise that obtaining more comprehensive data sets, earlier in the discovery process, will translate to increased clinical success. To accomplish this goal, the team at Primity Bio engineers and optimizes assay platforms for increased information content and biological relevance. Using a unique combination of expertise in cell biology, flow cytometry, and molecular biology, we provide solutions for target-based discovery, and high-content analysis of cell lines, primary cells and clinical samples.

A New Approach

Traditionally, increases in throughput for drug discovery have focused on increasing the number of compounds that can be tested across a given assay or readout. At Primity Bio we ask the question in reverse “How many ways can we measure the activity of a compound in a single sample?” By scaling the assayable parameters while maintaining the appropriate rigor and throughput necessary for modern drug discovery, Primity’s technologies enable new screening paradigms.

Target activity and selectivity

Target activity and selectivity can be monitored in the same well to increase the fidelity and speed of traditional discovery or enable the purposeful selection of multi-targeted inhibitors.

Multiparameter cell analysis

Cellular responses are often inadequately described by a single measurement. By concurrently analyzing multiple signaling endpoints from each cell, compound activity can be described in fine detail leading to more informed decisions.

Library vs library screening

Each multiparameter and multiplexed system developed at Primity has been optimized for drug discovery to ensure that performance and capacity are more than sufficient for focused library screening. These platforms make it possible to screen libraries against entire panels of drug targets, cell lines, primary cells or patient samples.