Profile more than 100 intracellular readouts at the single cell level after treatment with small molecules, antibody therapeutics, or extracellular ligands. Create a map of drug activity across cellular signaling networks, measuring phosphorylation, acetylation, and total protein levels.


Profile 400 cell surface proteins in complex populations of cells such as peripheral blood, PBMCs, or tumor samples. Analyze multiple cell subsets simultaneously to generate 1000's of data points per sample. Identify new biomarkers to monitor drug activity or to stratify clinical patient samples.


Perform deep immunophenotyping (10+ colors) or phospho-protein analysis in whole blood clinical samples. Measure drug activity directly in disease cell populations by combining surface and intracellular markers. Validate novel pharmacodynamic assays to characterize drug mechanism of action and target cells.

High Resolution Cell Analysis

Our solutions leverage the ability to multiplex quantitative high content analysis across cellular targets, phenotypic responses, and patient samples to deliver unprecedented insight into compound activity.

Single Cell Data

All of our assays are built upon the principle of single cell analysis, enabling characterization of heterogeneous events and measurements in complex cell populations such as primary blood samples.


Primity Advantages

  • The industry‚Äôs most comprehensive offering of proteomic analysis using flow cytometry
  • Experts in single cell analysis and multi-parameter data discovery
  • Proprietary sample processing technologies enable fast turnaround and cost-effective solutions
  • Miniaturized reactions require small amounts of test compound